Hebatnya! Language

A blog about Thai and Malay language

Hebatnya! Language

A blog about Thai and Malay language

Numbers in Bahasa Melayu or Malay language can be pretty straightforward. Even though many Malaysians knows how to say numbers in English, not all of them knows, especially the rural part of Malaysia. So, you should at least know numbers in Bahasa Melayu to communicate easily or to avoid being scammed!

Because in Bahasa Melayu script are written using Roman Alphabet (Rumi), numbers also followed those Arabic Numerals which you already know and comfortable with! (I.e: 1, 2, 3…)


Numbers 0 – 10 (Fundamental)

Memorize all ten of these and you’re pretty much good to go!


NumbersBahasa Melayu NameEnglish Name
0Kosong (Kó-song)Zero
1Satu (Sá-too)One
2Dua (Doo-waa)Two
3Tiga (Tee-gá)Three
4Empat (Erm-phát)Four
5Lima (Lee-ma)Five
6Enam (Er-nám)Six
7Tujuh (Too-joh)Seven
8Lapan (Laa-pán)Eight
9Sembilan (Sém-bee-lán)Nine
10Sepuluh (Sé-poo-loh)Ten


Numbers 11 – 19 (Belas)

This one is a bit different. 11-19 are added the word “Belas” after the initial number’s name. Although, this applies to ONLY 12-19 though as 11 uses “Sebelas” instead of “Satu belas” as “Se” also means “One” in Bahasa Melayu.


NumbersBahasa Melayu NameEnglish Name
11Sebelas (Sé-ber-last)Eleven
12Dua belas (Doo-waa ber-last)Twelve
13Tiga belas (Tee-gá ber-last)Thirteen
14Empat belas (Erm-phát ber-last)Fourteen
15Lima belas (Lee-ma ber-last)Fifteen
16Enam belas (Er-nám ber-last)Sixteen
17Tujuh belas (Too-joh ber-last)Seventeen
18Lapan belas (Laa-pán ber-last)Eighteen
19Sembilan belas (Sém-bee-lán ber-last)Nineteen


Numbers 20 – 99 (Puluh)

Number 20 until 99 is very straightforward. Just add “Puluh” after the initial and another number after the word Puluh. You can think of Puluh as “-ty” in English numerals’ names. The pronunciation of Puluh is: Poo-loh


NumbersBahasa Melayu NameEnglish Name
20Dua puluhTwenty
25Dua puluh limaTwenty five
30Tiga puluhThirty
38Tiga puluh lapanThirty eight
57Lima puluh tujuhFifty seven
62Enam puluh duaSixty two
79Tujuh puluh sembilanSeventy nine
82Lapan puluh duaEighty two
99Sembilan puluh sembilan.Ninety nine


Numbers 100 – 999 (Ratus)

Exactly the same as Puluh, you would need to add Ratus for number 100 to 999. Pronunciation of Ratus is: Rá-toos.


NumbersBahasa Melayu NameEnglish Name
100SeratusOne hundred
392Tiga ratus sembilan puluh duaThree hundred ninety two
546Lima ratus empat puluh enamFive hundred fourty six
782Tujuh ratus lapan puluh duaSeven hundred eighty two
999Sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilanNine hundred ninety nine


Numbers 1000 – 9999 (Ribu)

Exactly the same as Ratus, you would need to add Ribu for number 100 to 999. Pronunciation of Ribu is: Ree-boo.


NumbersBahasa Melayu NameEnglish Name
1000SeribuOne thousand
3283Tiga ribu dua ratus lapan puluh tigaThree thousand two hundred eighty three
5981Lima ribu sembilan ratus lapan puluh satuFive thousand nine hundred eighty one
9999Sembilan ribu sembilan ratus sembilan puluh sembilanNine thousand nine hundred ninety nine


Numbers 10,000 and above (Puluh, Puluh Juta)

When you memorize every essential word from Belas to Ribu, going above it is much easier. When the numbers are 10,000 until 99,999, just add Puluh Ribu. Same exact rule as above. For example, 10,000 is Sepuluh ribu while 49,000 is Empat puluh sembilan ribu. Can you guess what’s after Puluh Ribu?

It’s Ratus Ribu!

100,000 is Seratus ribu! While 755,000 is Tujuh ratus lima puluh lima ribu. Above 999,999 is 1,000,000! One million is Juta in Malay language. Just add the word after the initial number such as 2,000,000 is Dua juta.

If more than 9,999,999, just follow the rules from above and add Puluh or Ratus according to the number’s value. So, it would be Puluh Juta or Ratus Juta (If you already know what Puluh and Ratus are, you would know these word without me translating it :D)


Billion (Bilion)

For numbers above 999,999,999, it would be one billion and fortunately, Malay language borrowed the term billion from English language so the pronunciation of the word Bilion is the same as Billion in English! Just remove one “L” when writing in Malay. All the rules can and should be applied to Bilion as well. Puluh bilion and Ratus bilion.


Final say!

Numbers in Bahasa Melayu is not that hard! You should memorize all 1-10 so your learning journey will be a bit easier! Number zero is not really important but if can, do memorize it. Thanks for reading and good luck! If you have any question, just comment below! I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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